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Hamburg Box Machine
Full Automatic Carton Erecting Forming Machine
Full Automatic Carton Erecting Forming Machine
Product introduction:
KY-H Automatic three-dimensional paper box forming machine can produce burger box, four box, food box (to go), chips box etc. Made of paperboard and corrugated paper cartons. The machine structure is firm, quality assurance, low noise, high efficiency. Including automatic feeding, adjust, gluing, molding, stacking and counting function.

technical parameter:

生产速度 60-160pcs/min(依据不同纸盒的样品而定)
纸张原料 20-600 gsm 卡纸/瓦楞纸(最厚:1.50mm)
电源功率 380V/50HZ/5.5KW
产品规格 盒长:100-450mm,角度:5-40°
装箱尺寸 2950x1320x1500mm(LXWXH)
机器重量 2200kg



Product video:
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